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I’ve finally figured out how to spell Twelfth.  Now I can go fix all my tags.

weboftime said: I was complaining about this (and “eighth”) yesterday and suddenly realized I could have easily gone with ‘12th’ but it’s too late now. Now if I can just stop misspelling Dcotor

Yah, I have difficulty with Doctor, too, but I think that comes from the similiar to my own name, Dorothy.  My fingers just sort of get them confuse and try combining the two.  Doctoro is the most common result.  XD


Season 1, Episode 1: Rose

I will always cherish this moment.  It’s a fond memory for me, because I was completely clueless about Doctor Who when I started.  I thought he looked like Matt Smith.  So, it honestly was not until this very moment that I knew who that guy with Rose was.  I kind of missed the rest of the scene the first time through because I was still in shock that THIS man, with his short hair and leather jacket, was the Doctor.  Rose and I learned about him at the same time and it was WONDERFUL!!!

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