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Paul’s voiced audiobooks? Link? :D
I only know of one on tape, though I admit that I haven’t looked for any other titles yet, nor for CDs because tapes have a certain charm that I miss sometimes.  The one I have is “Earth and Beyond” which I got from


A study of super-realism: portrait of Tom

I know many people think that super-realism is quite pointless nowadays, I have no thought about this but just wanted to know how far I can go. Well, after 6 days of non-stop drawing! Finally I managed to finished this damn painting before my flight tomorrow afternoon! Now I can have a good rest and enjoy my holiday…

Good night all!



Drawing things out makes me feel a little better

Sorry for the long rant ^^;

Some people don’t feel artists deserve compensation seeing as it’s not as “essential” as, say, doctors or plumbers….Of course, then there are those who think that artists don’t even deserve recognition, let alone payment, so they take away artist sources and comments, thinking that artists live off of the euphoria of drawing alone (and of course if we complain about it, we’re being selfish bitches or spoiled brats). 

Yes, recognition is amazing, but we also don’t want to work for free (unless it’s something you just REALLY want to do of course and isn’t looking to buy food with recognition coupons). There are plenty of great companies and people who hire artists, and these hired paid artists get plenty of recognition.

Also, Stephen Silver’s video on this is pretty great so take a look if you haven’t yet.

Please note: I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t ever draw for anyone for free evar ever, but you deserve to be paid. Your art has value, and more importantly, your artistic skills have value and people should not expect it for free. 

This also is pretty good/funny: Should I work for free? a flow cart


Ace’s thoughts on the hospital from the Doctor Who Movie:

I am 100% convinced that Grace knew about these things but was trying her darnedest to make a good thing out of a bad place.  The incident with the Doctor was just the last straw in a long line of things that had really bothered her.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d even filed a complaint with Health and Safety previously.




Fifth Doctor went “hands free” because someone took K9 and an alien destroyed his sonic screwdriver. 

Got to admit, I prefer universe-saveage that uses a kettle and some string…

Wouldn’t bother me at all if the Sonic went missing for a while, the tendency to overuse it seems a bit too strong for the writers to resist. 

Woo hooo!  MacGyver in space!  The Sonic Screwdriver is just space bubblegum.

(Source: bigdpaul)

Calling all Big Finish/Eighth Doctor fans:




Ok, so I think I’m finally ready to dip my toes into Doctor Who Big Finish audios. However, I’m completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

First of all I really like Paul McGann and I can very well imagine his voice in an audio play, so I want it to be an Eighth Doctor story. I also…

The downloads for the first 50 Main Line Big Finish stories are as cheap as it gets.  Eight has several stories in that section.  Storm Warning is a great place to start, but if you’re sure you’re only going to listen to one story, most of his stories in that section will work well by themselves.  Stay away from Neverland and Zagreus, though, as they very much need each other and the body of work before them.

Thank you! I don’t know if it’ll be one story only, if I get hooked I might continue. But it definitely wouldn’t help starting in the middle of something (I heard on the DWP that connections between plays aren’t even indicated). Continuitywise, can I stick to the Eighth Doctor stories of the main range or do they intersect with other Doctors? Thanks again!

Ah, if there’s a possibility that you’ll want to continue and you want inexpensive, then most definitely start with Storm Warning.  As far as intersecting with other Doctors, you should be fine.  Zagreus sort of intersects, but only in so much as that it helps to know the actors’ voices.  Understanding the story doesn’t depend on having seen or heard any of their other bodies of work.  There are a FEW little references to things that happened on TV, but they’re minor and not actual plot devices dependent upon previous knowledge. 

In short, you can enjoy Eight completely separate from any other Doctor, but you’ll miss a few of the minor references.  The majority of the intersecting happens within his own BigFinish stories.

Also, welcome to the fandom!

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