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Post-Con Sale 50% Off! by Dorothy-T-Rose

Our last convention of the year was cancelled, so I have a few extra prints that need homes. All of these are available in 4x5 or 4x6 inch (small prints) with a few available as 8x10 or 8x12 inch (large prints).

All small prints are $2.50 USD
All large prints are $7.50 USD

Buy four small prints and get a fifth small print free.

Buy four large prints and get the fifth large print for an additional 50% off or a total of $33.25 USD.

An order of small prints only will require $4 USD in shipping.
An order that includes large prints will require $6 USD in shipping.

Sale is good until midnight (GMT-5) of July 31st.

Please e-mail to place your order. Payments accepted through Pay-Pal only.

Thank you!

1. The Sacred Ancestor
2. Raiser of Gales
3. D
4. A Rude Awakening
5. Tea Party
6. Guilty Pleasure
7. Guarding
8. Over the Aeolian Hills
9. On Dust of Moonbeams
10. Namor
11. Death of a Dhampir
12. 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster
13. Disturbed Silence
14. Dhampir and Inferno
15. David’s Harp
16. King of the Pond

See here for the other half of the sale, by SBGothik.

Steven Moffat, John Hurt and Paul McGann QUOTES at LFCC Panel 2014


Paul McGann on the Night of the Doctor: “beautiful and sad”

"We might have the best Doctor EVER on our hands." Paul McGann on Peter Capaldi

"Life would be better without Twitter" claims Steven Moffat.

John Hurt says the welcome he has received to Doctor Who from it’s fans has been wonderful.

"Doctor Who is all about Peter Capaldi now". - Steven Moffat.

John Hurt: “I learnt a lot from Matt and David on The Day of the Doctor.”

Moffat says he has tremendous support for BigFinish and says he jokes with Nicholas Briggs that they can write between the gaps.

John Hurt says the idea of The War Doctor was a ‘brilliant’ and ‘clever’ device.

Steven Moffat on whether there are any more plans for past Doctor Minisodes: “All our attentions have to be given to new Doctor. We owe it to him and can’t think of anything apart from that right now. If I did know I couldn’t tell you as it would be a lie.”

Paul McGann reckons the Eighth Doctor’s song would be “War (what is it good for?)”.

Steven Moffat says a Doctor Who musical episode would be “bloody difficult”.

Steven Moffat says Capaldi’s costume is “somber and dark” when you see it in action.

Paul McGann just used the phrase, “a timey wimey song in a wibbly wobbly way”.

Doctor Who series 8 will address in a “low key” way the fact that Peter Capaldi has starred in Doctor Who already.

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robots - 100% mechanical, no organic or living parts

androids - robots that are designed to look human-like (100% mechanical)

cyborgs - organic/living thing with added mechanical or cybernetic parts

We have cyborgs today.  Living, breathing cyborgs walk your streets every day!

(Source: axl-fox)

Stay Away From Steven Moffat


Steven Moffat has ruined my life. Ruined. Steven Moffat. Remember that name. He is Evil itself. That dark thing hiding under your bed or in your closet, lurking in the shadows, the thing that tries to kill you in your dreams, that’s him.

In a way, I feel a kind of comradeship with him. He loves Holmes as much as I do. The real Holmes. Doyle‘s Holmes. Anyone who can modernize him so perfectly must.

But nevertheless, he is Death. He will take his own hand, and with his very nails, slowly pierce through every layer of your skin until he can grasp your heart and tear it from your flesh and crush it beneath his feet, so that you might aspire to be as heartless as he. ‘But how,’ do you ask, ‘as he can’t even touch you?’ My dear oblivious reader, it’s obvious. His arm is vast. It extends far. All lives are within his grasp due to his brilliance. He knows this well, and honey you should seeeeee himmm in a crown. Steven Moffat is a life ruiner. He ruins peoples’ lives. He ruins them, and then remakes them and then ruins them again. All for fun. To throw everyone into an inescapable constant daze of calamitousity (And yes, I half made that word up. Kind of. I added ‘ity’ to it since it wasn’t working the way I wanted it to).

I think he secretly aspires to begin the zombie apocalypse. That must be why he attempts (and usually succeeds) to rip the souls out of each living person he can possibly capture with the additively brilliant results of his career.


That is my advice. Take it.

You’re welcome.




Two sides Of the Same Coin

A/N: (Inspired by one of my fav artists - Mucha)

       The idea of “making an delicate, elegant and epic-like Merthur illustration” has been haunting me for a quite long while. I didn’t set out to do it until earlier this month. The funniest thing is…my tablet broke down completely during the process, still I managed to get it done anyway.(Lord where did I get this strength :-O???) So literally this is one of the toughest digital art that I’ve ever done. And it’s by no means epic-like I know!!  I hope you enjoy it anyway!

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Todd Lockwood's amazing animations of dragons in flight. The red dragon is conventional  - if any dragon can be considered conventional - but the gold dragon with that extraordinary wing and helix-ripple, not at all…

I just spent ten minutes staring at these. Thank you Todd!

I have always loved gold dragon wings! It’s so awesome to see them moving!

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